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The Association of Responsible Consumption offers new course in English

Circulents - The new consumersCirculents - The new consumers. New online course in English.

Science has proven that changing consumer behaviors are strongly linked to combat climate change. This is the driving force behind the Association for Responsible Consumption, whose main purpose is to create an awareness about sustainable consumption. They strive for a circular planet, a world based on a circular economy and where consumers become circulents*.

Responsible Consumption offers workshops and online courses on how to consume more sustainably and how to become a circulent*. And now, for the first time, an online course is offered in English. The purpose is to make Responsible Consumption’s courses accessible to non-Swedish speakers as well as to reach people in other parts of the world.

Like previous courses offered by Responsible Consumption, this course has a focus on circularity and what it means to consume sustainably. The course has four parts and during eight exciting weeks the participants will learn about the effects of consumption on the environment and how the shift to a circular economy can be supported.  

The course is interactive with material that contains short videos, links where you can find more information and discussion questions. Each course part addresses a specific theme and its environmental issues. The aim is to inspire reflection and create change in everyday life. The course is given online and is published in a closed group on a digital learning platform that also serves as a discussion forum. The goal is for those who have taken the course to become more aware and sustainable consumers, and after completing the course, a certificate is obtained.

The course “Circulents- the new consumers” runs for eight weeks March 28th - May 22nd, 2022. Price 490 kr.


* The word circulent was coined by the Association of Responsible Consumption in March 2020. A circulent sees themselves as a user instead of an owner. This way, more people can live a better life on the planet's resources.


Consumer vs. Circulent


Owner of gadgets / User of gadgets

Wastes stuff / Doesn’t waste stuff

High climate footprint / Low climate footprint

Values ​​quantity / Values ​​quality

Impulse purchases / Thoughtful purchases

Demand driven / Needs driven


Om Föreningen Medveten Konsumtion

Föreningen Medveten Konsumtion skapar fler medvetna konsumenter i omställningen till en smartare värld - en värld av cirkulenter. De arbetar mycket för att upplysa om cirkulär konsumtion och myntade begreppet cirkulent som kom med på Svenska nyordslistan 2020. Föreningen arbetar med flera av de globala målen i Agenda 2030, men har en expertkunskap inom främst mål nr 12 – hållbar konsumtion och produktion. De erbjuder föreläsningar, workshops och utbildningar och vill tillhandahålla information för att varje företag och enskild konsument ska kunna ta hållbara beslut med hänsyn till miljö, hälsa och rättvis handel. De står bakom den digitala kartan Ekoguiden och har varit med och byggt upp den cirkulära rörelsen Circular Monday.


Rebecka Fröberg
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Rebecka Fröberg